Roadshows don’t stop for storms, national holidays,
or when someone calls in sick...the show must go on.
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Our team is dedicated to managing the

day-to-day, so you can focus on your product.


Why Roadshow Staffing


When you work with a top worldwide retailer the opportunity is big and the responsibility is even bigger.  Every day, your program deserves the full support of a focused team that understands how to navigate roadshow operations so that your profits are not undermined by the aggravations, complications and inevitable maintenance of up to hundreds of live events operating simultaneously daily.
We wake up thinking about our reps. We don’t sleep at night because we are giving 24 hour support.  Take back your weekends and sleep through the night, we’ve got this.


Live clock-in tracking and break monitoring is just one of the ways we 

make sure roadshow operations are

compliant with labor laws and retail partner requirements.

Our non-traditional remote management system is proven to increase sales and save on labor costs.

We’re obsessed with compliance.

We don’t do regional managers. 

Fact: People are flaky.
We have a plan for that. 
High quality and high volume recruiting  and incentive programs help reduce turnover and keep your shows running smoothly.

Live support when reps are traveling

and setting up late at night or early in the morning makes a huge difference to the quality of life for team members both at the brand and staff on site.

24 hour support by people who care.

We've never been scared of getting our hands dirty.


At Roadshow Staffing, our administrative and sales support team members spend time on site at roadshow locations with staff and have worked shifts so we can know the experience of the employee.

Traditional market research only tells part of the story,  but we  get up close and personal with each store we’ve been active in, and many that our clients have chosen not be active in. 


Each product and each retail event location is unique.  Researching demographics only takes you so far.  Our experience visiting the stores in person helps us to understand the sales possibility more accurately than traditional research by zip code alone . We can only depend on our corporate visitations and by looking to our reps to be the eyes on the ground.  This approach helps to increase the success of every roadshow.  Knowing your audience  is key to closing sales. 


We Know Roadshows

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Revenue Increase

$3M to $20M in 3 years

Sales Force Increase  

6 Sales reps to 200+ 

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"Roadshow Staffing Management has provided the underpinning on which ZAAZ has been able to grow. Without the staffing and management and organizational solutions provided, ZAAZ would not have been able to scale as quickly and efficiently as it has. With our staffing needs so effectively in order we are able to focus much more on our growth and performance optimization, which is a luxury for

any sales organization." - ZAAZ CEO

In a little under 2 years, our top roadshow ZAAZ increased from just 6 sales representatives to operating nearly 200 events simultaneously partnering with Costco and Sam’s Club under the management of our experienced team members.  

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Roadshow Marketing 

Fresh. Affordable. Versatile.

We curate and developed concepts for professional photos, videos and written commercial copy that has been featured on samsclub.com and costco.com as well as in printed in the Costco Connection Magazine, Sam’s Club printed publications, display signs, flyers, postcards, email campaigns, sales competitions and more.  



Product Commercial

Message from the CEO

EVERYONE WANTS TO BE PART OF SOMETHING THEY BELIEVE IN AND FEEL PROUD OF.  High quality marketing materials not only boost sales, but morale among corporate and roadshow staff team members.

ZAAZ Lifestyle Image
ZAAZ Lifestyle Image
ZAAZ Lifestyle Image
ZAAZ Lifestyle Image
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Our  NYC casting experience has allowed us to perfect getting those same high quality results, even in the smallest of markets.  

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We select talented people who match the look of your brand personality and best relate to your customers.

Simple, clean and professional designs and art direction on creative projects make a major impact not only on sales results, but the loyalty of the sales representative as well.  


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